The Foundation of Global Village:-

The Foundation of Global Village": is established as a non stock company with the idea of improving the living condition of common people around the globe, by, "making quality goods and services affordable and creating livable income-earning opportunities" in the global community,

We, provide necessary business solutions for the small business to conduct successful business.

With the help of experienced Business Associates and workforce, we have the capability of providing, Business Solutions to our Domestic and Foreign Business Partners and Clients to conduct legal businesses in the United States of America.

We provide help in arranging the following Services,

1. Business Entity Formation to conduct the Legal Business

2. Bookkeeping/Accounting, Services

3. Customer Support

4. Display of Products

5. Marketing of Goods and Services

6. Delivery, Shipping & Handling

7. Warehousing Facility

Cemex Trading Co:- 

In some cases provides funding for the sale of goods being offered for sale at Neelamga! and provide assistance to its clients in the sale of their products at online venues, such as and eBay 


 is an online venue created to display/introduce “For Sale Goods/Services” to our community around the globe,

With the help of affiliated hardworking sales force quality goods and services are made available to the prospective buyers of our community.